The Grievance and Redressal Cell

The Grievance and Redressal Cell desires to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced environment for its stakeholders. It attends to the grievances and complaints registered by anyone with regard to the activities of the Institution, and in particular, those made by students. The Cell ensures effective solution to the grievances, using a fair approach. The Grievance and Redressal Cell enables the students to express their grievances by initiating and following the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College. The cell meets periodically, examines the nature and pattern of the grievances and redresses it accordingly.

- To develop an organizational framework to resolve grievances of the students and other stakeholders.
- To ensure effective solution to the stakeholders’ grievances with an impartial and fair approach,
a)To investigate the reason of dissatisfaction.
b) To enlighten the students on their duties and responsibilities.

Grievance and Redressal Cell Composition
-Grievance and Redressal Coordinator
-M. Ed Student Representative
-B. Ed Student Representative

Functions of the Grievance and Redressal Cell
1. Provides information about the Cell’s objectives and mode of operation through the website and handbook.
2. Informs students of the process for registering of grievances in the Induction Programmes.
3. Acknowledges and analyses the grievances.
4. Seeks a solution through decision-making process.
5. Reports the grievances and records how they were redressed.
6. The procedures made known to them at the beginning of every academic year.

The Grievance and Redressal Cell shall receive and redress the grievances of the following issues:
1. Academic issues pertaining to teaching, learning and evaluation activities.
2. Student-teacher, student-student grievances
3. Grievances related to library services.
4. Grievances related to behaviour of stakeholders.

* The grievances shall be redressed depending on the nature of the grievance. The Grievances are invited through suggestion box placed in the Conference Hall.
* Groupwise mentoring is offered where the matter can be resolved.
* Grievances pertaining to academic and internal evaluation shall be redressed at individual/faculty/Principal level.
* For other grievances that require review shall be redressed by receiving written and signed application.
* As soon as the application is received the Redressal Committee shall review the complaint and invites both the parties for discussion. The outcome of the discussion is reported to the Principal for further action to be taken.

Redressal of Grievances
The grievances are redressed at the earliest by issuing warning letter, memo and reformation remedies. Priority is given according to the urgency of the complaint. In all cases the aggrieved is informed of the measures taken. All the grievances concerning to women harassment and ragging shall be dealt by the respective committees as per the prescribed procedures.